Remarketing for hotels: make your customers return

In Hotels Quality (HQ) we are very supportive of the direct client. All of our functionalities are designed to help you. Remarketing for hotels is one more method that has proven to be very effective.

It is a technique of identifying and tracking your website’s traffic to show the client advertisements of your products, later, wherever they browse, regardless of the interaction they would have made on your website. We all have the experience of having seen a product on an e-commerce website, and then see ads for that product on other websites that in principle have no relationship with that product. That is done thanks to what we know as remarketing. Normally the “capture” of potential customers is done before the purchase, and on your website. However there are other moments , with users more linked to your product or service, which can be used for the purpose of the recurring purchase. For example, after performing the service: in the case of a hotel at checkout, we can capture the client’s data (identification and tracking) in the review form. This allows you to develop campaigns to your clients that may be (some months later) willing to book again or share the proposals you send them. There is one thing better than remarketing: repurchase.

One of the most visited pages by your clients AFTER your stay is the  communication in which you are inviting them to give their feedback. And it’s the best time to create “SEM audience ” (database of users interested in your product) to those who then show the ad on other web pages.

The remarketing done to this segment (not potential customers, but already CLIENTS) is more effective than the potential segment, because:

1. It’s a qualified segment, they already know your hotel, and if they click, it’s because they’re really interested. The conversion will be greater , and therefore so will the resulting cost per action (CPA).

2. Creating SEM audience will not cost you anything, since it is a page that around 25-30% of your customers visit. And it is not necessary that they answer the form.

3. Even if you use our direct page of Tripadvisor express or Google myBusiness, the audience increasesYour audience, not the ones from Tripadvisor or Google.

4. You can plan the appearance of the announcements, related to the stay of the clients. For example, if the client booked for Christmas, you can schedule the appearance after 10 months in Google  AdWords, so that it appears in October, when it may remind them that they have to return to your destination!

5. You can generate different lists (audiences) for each type of client: for example, guests will be different than the local customers of the restaurant. To each one you can show messages more focused on their interests.

To activate remarketing for hotels in your web forms, you just need to configure the tracker in a very simple way in our web forms manager (copying the Google Analytics ID code). This would be the outline of steps to activate remarketing:


This tactic is not only a sales tool but also creates notoriety and brand recall: even if the client does not intend to travel, he will see and remember your brand at a different time than if he has that intention.

In terms of control, remarketing for hotels has all the analytical tools to track our spending on advertising, as any digital marketing worth its salt. Whether or not you already implement this type of campaign, ask for more details from our support team to explain how you can do it from any of our forms (and soon the landing pages of communications) of the Hotels Quality platform.


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