Web forms that work without data connection

What to do when the internet goes down? Today this incidence can be interpreted in two opposite ways: dramatic for many who need to be permanently connected, or perhaps a respite for those of us who are saturated with so much digital noise.

However, for the hotel business, running out of internet connection is almost inevitably harmful.

This is a story of adaptation to the circumstances: our new customer, la veloz del norte, the leading company for routes in northern Argentina, based in Salta. We have responded to the environment of their business that needed to solve the problem of lack of internet connection in some of its routes, without giving up the benefits and efficiency of web form technology to control the service and listen to the opinion of its customers.

Now our forms work with PWA (Progressive web application) and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology, which allows data to be collected on the forms even if there is no connection; storing the responses in the device’s internal memory (tablet or mobile) and using background tasks to send the responses as soon as the connection is recovered.

Same interface, same way to edit your web forms, same result of efficient contact with the client.

If you have areas where the internet connection has little coverage of mobile data network or your Wi-Fi has interruptions or is weak in some places, do not give up and implement this solution. If you offer excursions to a remote or offline place, or offer transportation to the airport (a good time to ask for feedback), this may be your solution to be able to operate without connection. This technology can also be used, for example, by an airline to be able to conduct satisfaction surveys or collect other customer data during the flight, on local routes without an OBE (On board entertainment) system.

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