HOTELS quality Index 1T 2015 - Global

HOTELS quality Index 1T 2015 – Global


Assessment method


Quality analysis Hotels Index has completed five years. Observed an evolution of the indicator -from twenty quarters after 2010, until early 2015 of a progressive improvement until stable in recent quarters. It is able to say, as in the case of Spain index for the field, which in turn increases its significance and representativeness. Especially the effect of increasing the number of records considered. In the first quarter 2015, more than 20,000.

The general impression of the development shows that in the case of Global we are at the threshold of the area of ​​competitiveness. Established by convention, above 8 points, as during the last three quarters has remained at a rate equal to 8,2. And that since the last quarter of 2012 (two years), it has been a print and valuation of 8,0 points, to a recognition of the quality, penetrating slightly in the area of ​​competitiveness 8,2.

It can be said that the consolidation of the sample is the leading cause of stability results in the vicinity of 8,2 points. Must not be understood decline occurred in the third quarter of 2013 from 8,1 to 7,9 but as a progressive adaptation to the sample size, the effect of improving the representativeness of the records processed.


Evolution of global average



Overview of results


In the first quarter of 2015, the Global Index closed HOTELS quality keeping the same values ​​as the previous quarter. The index remains constant at 8,2 points. -with Perceived stability of the sample a slightly increasing trend.

That is since the third quarter of the year has reached the permanence of an index equal to 8,2. Which shows a certain consistency in maintaining the quality and representativeness of the results.


Partial view of the results


  • Cleaning

Cleanliness is one of the best reviews, except recommendation factor aspects, and from this quarter of attention factor; down two tenths compared to the previous quarter, with a score of 8,4, as a weighted average. Having increased significantly on the data from the initial time.

  • Facilities

This aspect is projected with a negative sign, lowering the value to 7,3. That is three tenths less than the previous quarter. Although it not reaches therefore the level of competitiveness, equal to 8 dots. Showing which are the lower class hotels reported the lowest satisfaction.


  • Customer Care

The focus remains one of the highest rated indicators. This time, compared to last quarter, the indicator value increases by one tenth, standing at 8,6. Definitely a highly integrated value in the competitiveness

  • Quality / Price

The perception of the price / quality ratio is maintained from the previous quarter. But continues as the worst evaluated variable. 6,9. Assessment requires a more complex interpretation, considering, as described in the aforementioned display only the Spanish side, a set of considerations, which extends the strict concerning customer perception.

  • Recommendation

The value that measures the global image that takes hotel guests increased one tenth to reach a rating of 9,6. This assessment is due to the overall continuity of the influential factors. Although part of the four-level motivators, two of them increase each tenth, and the remaining two are maintained. Which marks a tendency to go on progressing in the overall assessment, and inserted into the area of ​​excellence.


Improvement changes in relevant factors


  2015/2010 2015/2012
Cleanless 22,0 2,3
Facilities 21,4 1,6
Customer Care 7,6 3,2
Quality / Price 37,5 9,6
Recommendation -1,5 1,6
HQ1 17,4 3,6


The picture reflected on the development of improved pricing elements, explains that for the initial period, which was not less representative sample, are cleanliness and Quality / Price, which have further improved. But it is interesting to note, which are the two factors that need more progress, because of the value they currently offer.

Regarding improvement in the past two years, apparently in the short term were those most improved customer care and Quality / Price. Observed that the high value reached by the recommendation element, it seems, that is the element that has less travel.

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