PRE-STAY, the key moment of hotel marketing

Marketing Hotelero: Pre-stay, momento clave


Digital communication with the client, from the time of booking, generates a level of service experience, which before using with traditional communication tools, was it practically was impossible. PRE-STAY communication temporarily widens the hotel service contact,opening up opportunities, to prepare the on-site service, conform to expectations, generate new sales opportunities and create greater linkages that will eventually be reflected in the hotel’s reputation; however, this is a period of the hotel-client relationship yet to be developed.

It is true that the distribution groups are not easy to get hotels; they begin the relationship with the guest at the time of booking and seek to prolong the relationship as much as possible, adding proposals for services post-booking destination; so it does not give the customer contact data easily, and hotels are difficult to communicate with and who is your customer, especially if the channel is an ota. On the other hand, it seems that the business of selling hotel rooms is already done, the goal is fulfilled, and the service approach, since hat time, is operational and begins with check-in.

But another way to think is taking hold:

  • The PRE-STAY stage is a service. The hotel is entitled to it, and must manage it in the most effective way in terms of operation and sales. Here the service starts, the obligation to obtain relevant customer information, and provide useful information, while at the right time in order to generate links and new sales opportunities.
  • The hotel is part of the trip, in fact it is the “hub of destiny” for the customer (no other service provider, within the journey, has so much information and so many moments to enrich that information as the hotel), and if that’s you to add capacity to act as “local” (with updated information, exclusive arrangements and outside the typical circuit) gives the hotel a competitive position on generic aggregators, and other players in the most advantageous destination.

We have talked with executives of hotels (primarily, managers, sales managers, e-commerce, and marketing) and we have asked about their business challenges in relation to the “relationship with their client”: how they favor, when they start and wanting to know how important from the perspective that they give, reputation and income.

The PRE-STAY period is a crucial time in hotel marketing: it is best to identify your client’s time and profile information with which to manage then talks become more personalized and segmented as possible. Thank your customer for making reservation, asking if there’s a need for any special service, then giving recommendations of exclusive hotel destinations with special prices, propose relevant, useful, personalized, contextualized information and at the right time about activities and city agenda information (for automatically adapted mobile and roaming customer, shareable via social media), or facilitate the check-in online before arrival process through a chat messaging service, makes the PRE-STAY service, a must have to count relevantly in the connection with the customer, and results in their impact on he reputation and increasing the income derived from these conversations ( which is “smart upsell”).


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