Mail-marketing: an alliance between hotels and destinations



The Secretariat of Tourism of the State of Querétaro in Mexico has been developing a digital promotion initiative with the Queretaro Hotel Association for more than three months, where both parties support each other to carry out direct marketing, and the results are being very positive, obtaining mutual benefit.

The HOTELS need to exploit their customer database to increase profitability (loyalty and referrals) through direct digital marketing, but lack attractive and continuous content about events and destination agenda that allows them to send interesting communications to their database so that their customers repeat or share. Sometimes they also lack specialized personnel in the execution of digital direct marketing campaigns.

The DESTINATION needs to make the promotion and digital marketing of the destination as effective as possible, but it lacks a database of visitors who have been or are going to arrive at the destination (data that the hotel does have). These visitors are the best promoters of the destination: they can not only return but can also share this type of communications.

How can we make the needs of HOTEL and DESTINATION an opportunity for both? Combining the assets of each party: developing the best and most relevant content about the destination, and making it available to the hotel so it can email-marketing their customer databases. Thus, the DESTINATION favors the promotion to a public that could not reach before, and the HOTEL makes a quality mail-marketing with content of interest, already built, for its customer database. responded to the Queretaro hotels proposal by providing them with the content and creativity of the email communication piece on which the hotels can rely to do periodic mail-marketing (structure of the mailing in html, main and secondary content, and section where  the hotel can add their message and proposal).


HOTELS QUALITY, an automation and communications programming tool, takes the content of the DESTINATION (html), and makes it available to the hotels of the State of Querétaro so that they can edit it and add their message, and manage the segmented delivery.


See an example of a recent communication offered to hotels:



What benefits does it provide?

To the HOTEL:

  • Do email-direct marketing monthly, with the minimum investment of time; it is brought by the destination organisation.

  • Carry out quality and effective email marketing, because it focuses on the motivations of the trip.

  • You do not have to create/invent the content.

  • It does not have to create the html, the DESTINATION contributes with it.

  • Schedule communications in a simple way.

  • Generate quality direct sales (repetition and referencing).



  • Make email-direct marketing recurrent to the Database of real destination visitors.

  • Provide a high added value service to hosting companies.

  • Promote the DESTINATION through a new channel.


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