From Guest Intelligence to action

Today hotels manage data, aggregated and disaggregated, conversations with customers like never before: reviews (privately or published) reports weekly activities, monthly (based on those views) with frequency analysis, mean, indices net promoter or weighted compared with objectives or competitors …, to name just a few examples. But really now, how do hotels make that big data into action ? How does one test / Innovate  or even experience based on these data ? How would they transform all that information into improvements for the customer and the business?

Think fast, act fast is a maxim in hotel management. It is impossible to do everything always perfect in a service business, especially in a hotel. What distinguishes a good service management, or a mediocre one, is corrected quickly and so is the ability to learn. There are certain decisions on the spur of service moments, for which we might as well make sure you have a clear responsibility as we ensure their realization.

Nor do we think that managing a hotel business is a kind of continuous running. Of course there are times when one must think slowly, and should act prudently. All analysis reports (by area, by segment, of evolution, correlation variables) allow hotels to have a strategic vision that lead to decisions and actions; have become formal, explaining the action, the period of realization, defining responsibility, or having others involved helps a lot in having the strategy is implemented.

We’ve been working on it for a while, and it is time we introduce Tracking Assistant ! An assistant to help manage your actions.

We have endeavored to take into account the idiosyncrasies of the operation of the hotel and have been very careful in the application of facilitates, rapidly and easily create an action, assign responsibility, set a time of realization, allow monitoring and all, from a mobile platform.

Tracking assistant, is a tool that is essential to energize and make sure the tasks are done. You can create “tickets” for tasks when you receive a notification of an opinion from your client, you observe an aspect to improve the service, you see any issue in the facilities you want to correct taking a picture, or if you had an idea that you wanted to do, but not either immediately, and all with a click.

Tracking assistant is an intelligent assistant that involves your whole team. You, as manager of the application decide who can create tasks, and the recipient can be anyone from your team.

We believe that the control of the tasks you are interested in, and much … so racking assistant. Tracking assistant will warn of the outstanding shares, or who has them assigned when due. And those involved in them, will remember the status in which their tasks are in. Oh, and you have a historical feature, so that at any moment you can check who, when and how they have performed the tasks.

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